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Hotel Saket Pachmarhi

It is our pleasure to present you that we are running a Hotel Saket know as "Saket" Small however excellent single Hill Resort of Madhya Pradesh,where you will discover water falls, gorges most elevated crest of Satpura Range, Satpura National Park, century and Tiger Reserve with Natural Greenery Reain throughtout the year. Having regular religious points,paradise for trekkers by and large at one place.

Satpura Hills Neat Pachmarhi the only hill Station of Madhya Pradesh in central Hills of India, "Satpura Tiger Reserve" is situated in 1,427 Sq Km. area. One can observe significant characteristics of Satpura National Park in folds of several hills plenty of water streams with pools & waterfalls, world renouned rich canopies of bamboo forest and wide variety of rock & soil formations, Three major types of forests identified in area are of teak, sal mixed forests. In satpura National Park, there are hundreds of cave shelters of great archeological interest consisting large numbers of rock paintings in various styles & belonging to different periods.

This National Park consists Peculiar bio-diversity of Flora, Fauna, rare Ferns, vegetation and Migrant Birds, Rich wild life includes, National Animal Proud of M.P. 'Tiger' along with "Leopards", "Sambhar", "Indian Bison (Gour)", "Crocodile", "Great Indian Squirrels", "Flying Squirrels", "Wild Dogs", Neel Gaye, Crested Sepent Eagle, Changeable Hawk Eagles, Honey Buzzards, Paradise Flycatchers, Pittas, Thrushes, Peafowl Black Berg, Sloth Beer, Chital, Barking Dear, Chinkara, Mouse Dear, Chousingha, Langoes, Rhesus, Monkey, Wolf, Civet, Jackal, wild Boar and lots more throughout the reserve. Specially of this Park lies in its unforgettable scenic beauty with large back waters of "Tava" & "Denva River as well as virgin beauty of River Sonbhadra & Naagdwari. Tourist interested in wild life, nature lovers and jungle trackers will love this place for its very different peaceful atmosphere.

The Madhai Resort

For life time experience we welcome you to " The Madhai Resort" on shore of back waters of Tawa Reserve with luxury accommodation multi cuisine restaurant and facility of jungle safari, elephant ride, trekking, bird watching, motorboat ride, Playing equipments etc. You can even spend the evenings with Naturalist in adjoining jungle.